Musicological Contributions

Oriental Occidental Accord
Modi - Ichoi - Maqamat
Frets on the Tanbur
Prince Dimitrie Cantemir
Salzburg/ Austria
17th century, img0000000534
12.- 15. July 2007
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Thursday, July 12th Opening lectures
6:00 p.m. Prof. Dr. Oswald Panagl Opening speech
Prof. Awad Elkish Libya and Austria - a cultural relation
Friday, July 13th From Origin to Present Time
9:00 - 12:30 a.m. Part 1: Fundamental Subjects
    Mohamed Askari The basis of Arab music
    Klaus Lang Medieval European tone systems
    Dr. Kifah Fakhouri   Challenge on viewing arab music education
    Prof. Peter Braun A Universal Basis of Music
2:30-6:00 p.m. Part 2: Developments
    Johannes Kotschy In memoriam Prof. Martin Vogel: Libyan Culture Drift
    Ali Osman The Sudanese and Arabic music elements
    Prof. Dr. Horst-Peter Hesse Music in the moorish Cordóba
    Prof. Abdallah M. Sebai The Infuence of Arab Music Elements on the European Music
    Mag. art Hossam Mahmoud The Maqam Conference of Cairo 1932
    Rakya Mohsen Arab Music after 1932, with particular consideration of "Al-oghneyah" (canto)
Saturday, July 14th Variety and Inter-dependence
9:00-12:30 a.m. Part 1: Theory and Practice
    Mag. Ali Nikrang Continuity of Musicological Methodology of Avicenna and Farabi (10th and 11th century) by Abdalqâdir Marâghi (14th century)"
    Prof. Dr. Amnon Shiloah The Maqam concept in Arabic Writings
    Prof. Yalçin Tura Microintervals and their different functions in Oriental and European Music
    Dorit Klebe Performing the Maqam Concept in the Vocal Music of the Ottoman- Turkish Court
    Prof. Violeta Dinescu Byzantinian Influences on the Romanian Music
2:30-6:00 p.m. Part 2: Manifestations
    Dr. Ardian Ahmedaya   To maqamat and its interpretations in the musical life of Albanians
    Dr. Dr. Iannis Zannos The Ichos and Maqam parallels as Paradigms for Intercultural Communication in the Arts
    Dr. Memo G. Schachiner The role of the Ottoman Imperium in the sprading and increasing of the musical modi
    Joshua Horowitz The Main Klezmer Modes
    Mag. art Dalshad Said The use of Maqam in Kurdish music
    Mag. Hande Saglam   Maqam structures of the anatolian Ashiqs
Sunday, July 15th Finale
01:00 p.m. Public round-table-discussion with participants of the symposium, conclusions and aspects
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