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start: 10 mai 2004, up-date: 10 mai 2005
Dear member of MC!
You can order any image(s) from the Archives of Musical Confrontations in 3 steps:
1) Note the "Arch. No." and "Q. No." of the image that you wish (cut and copy) exactly.
2) Fill the form for image ordering.
3) Change it or order it:
3 a) Contact us per e-mail. Write us the "Arch. No." of the image that you wish. Send us a laser copy of any historical image which is marked with a red "Arch. No." in our Archives. We change the images.
3b) Order it (them) in Webshop of MC. (Please give in webshop the sum of the "Q. No." as "Order Quantity").
If you have any question, please contact us.
Best regards.