Antiquarian/ Archives


Dear reader! Dear researcher!
You can see under "Catalogues" all the documents, which are cited anywhere in MC and some of the other documents in our archives. The documents, which are marked with an "Arch. No.", are available in the MC- Archives in Vienna.
MC- Archives has not only many contemporary publications, but also many historical documents and handwritings.
We are not permitted to copy the copyright secured recently publications. Also, their copies will be expensiver as the originals.
But, if you need some of the antiquarian documents in our archives for your researchs, we can send you the laser copies of the originals.

Also you can ask us for the documents, which are not registetred in our catalogues. They can be in the archives of our members.
"Archives" is a non-profit service of MC. You pay only the costs of the copies and the shipping.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
Best regards.
start: 1 october 2001, up-date: 7 juli 2005