Matthias Wagner

Oud, made by Wagner
Introduction into performance of Arab music
Initially Matthias Wagner had begun to study mathematics. But he always was enthusiastic about carrying a trade, and, inspired by guitar-playing, he changed to make guitars. Very soon he became interested in the European lute and similar instruments of the epoch between 1450 and 1500, and since 25 years he studies them and makes them in his workshop. Several years ago, the Arab lute or oud drew nearer to the focus of his work.The more he is engaged in the study of this ancestor of the European lute, the more he finds out points of common in both instruments. To bring out these points he regards to be one of his future tasks. Matthias Wagner is an oud- and lutemaker at Badenweiler - Schweighof (Germany). In his seminar he will present the oud, her characteristic and her construction, and Hossam Mahmoud will show examples of the way to play the oud.
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