Ulf - Diether Soyka


Hans - André Stamm

Keyboard instruments in different tunings
Ulf-Diether Soyka shows short films about the Enharmonic Microtonal Organ of Hans-André Stamm, about the Seminar MICROTONAL MUSIC at Conservatory Prayner, Vienna, and about rehearsals with microtonal music there. The organ was built 1979 in Belgium (Schumacher), according the construction ideas of Martin Vogel (Bonn 1968). Each octava of this instrument has 48 microtones. The keyboard-system uses the 5th and the 7th partial-tone e.g. in just-intonation, together with some enharmonic microtones. The notation is very clear. The special microtonal keyboard-system of this organ is easy to play, but the instrument has two manuals with traditional keyboard-system, too. CDs with new tonal music by Hans-André Stamm and Ulf-Diether Soyka can be heared. Discussion about methods of composing with this instrument.
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