Dr. Kifah Fakhouri

Kifah Fakhouri
Kifah Fakhouri is the director of the Jordanian National Music Conservatory (Noor Al Hussein Foundation) since 1988. Kifah Fakhouri was the president of the International Music Council from October 2001 to October 2005. As the Secretary General of the Arab Academy of Music (Arab League), Kifah Fakhouri is the editor in chief of the "Arab Music Journal" (published in Arabic). He also organizes competitions for instruments used in Arab music, festivals, conferences and fora that deal mainly with music in the Arab world. He also established and conducted the Beirut Symphonic Band as well as other ensembles as part of his work both in Lebanon and Jordan. Fakhouri is also Associate Professor at the College of Musicology, University of the Holy Spirit, Kaslik - Lebanon).
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