Report by Stefan Pohlit

Stefan Pohlit
Pythagoras and the 21st century:
Tendencies towards the sources of Middle-Eastern and Western traditions and their transformation into a joint perspective
The time has come that Middle- Eastern musicians and composers pursue more and more confident inquiry into the developable potentials of their original musical cultures. The broadly accepted assumption of former times that Modernization would require complete annexation to Occidental structures and mindsets may demand a revaluation especially in contemporary music with its historical foundation in central Europe. As for every living musical culture, those potentials of continuous transformation must draw on a deep insight into their theoretical bases rather than on an observation that reduces them on the seemingly timeless stereotypes appearing on the surface of their performance. Consequently, intercultural composition becomes an equal part of critical discourses in the 21st century.
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start: 1 june 2007, up-date: 1 june 2007