Report by Mag. Ali Nikrang

Ali Nikrang
"Continuity of Musicological Methodology of Avicenna and Farabi (10th and 11th century) by Abdalqâdir Marâghi (14th century)"
Coming from music theory of classical antiquity, Farabi (870-950) and Avicenna (980-1037) considered music to be part of mathematics and included it into their regional and contemporary theory. Beside the introduction into Avicenna's and Farabi's way of thinking, this lecture attempts to investigate one of the most important problems of musicology with a mathematical point of view: the formation of scales with the help of the scale of 17 pitches by the systematic theory. For mathematical logic and human demands on music and aesthetics do not contradict themselves very rarely.
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start: 1 june 2007, up-date: 1 june 2007