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start: 1 juni 2001, up-date: 31 November 2003
polyfonical arrangements of monofonical writed original works of the traditional music of the ottoman court, folksongs from istanbul and roman airs.

compositions and arrangements by memo g. schachiner and ok-in kim.

interpreted by hasret ensemble
produced 1994
edition: 1000 copies.
memo g. schachiner: composition, vocals
tone engineering: ulrich goebel
michael krispl: clarinet, sax
coverdesign: elisabeth weizenböck.
günter schagerl: cello
distribution by extraplatte ex 223- 2
ioan radu minda: maragophone
kim ok- in: composition, piano
michael preuschl: bass
upali fernando: drums, percussion
price: € 19.-- please, click hier to order
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1 olmaz ilac 5:19 hasretensemble hadji arif bey (19 jh., istanbul), free arranged by m. g. schachiner
2 sahn-i çemende 5:11 hasretensemble m. g. schachiner
3 mastika 6.00 hasretensemble roman air from istanbul, free arranged by m. g. schachiner
4 two people 3:22 hasretensemble ok-in kim
5 elif 3:24 hasretensemble m. g. schachiner
6 tennen 3:54 hasretensemble m. g. schachiner
7 for laura 4.05 hasretensemble m. g. schachiner
8 an umbrella for kim 6:10 hasretensemble m. g. schachiner rc10000000006
9 kare mouchteschem 5:13 hasretensemble abd ul qaadir maeraghi (iran, 14.jh.), arranged by m. g. schachiner rc10000000005
10 karam 6:54 hasretensemble istanbuler folksong, free arranged by memo g. schachiner