IV. 6) Determining 17 Notes

on the Ūd/ The Division

of The Frets

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by dr. fazli arslan
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start: 09 january 2007, up-date: 09 january 2007
Safi al-Dîn points out that firstly he determines seven tones in the first tetrachord on the bamm string of the ûd with ratios of "the second doubling kind" (9/8x9/8x256/243=4/3 tone-tone-limma), which he calls "zül-müddeteyn", then as limma-limma-tone 9/8x9/8x256/243=4/3 He doesn't perform the duty to find the others, just points out the names of tones. The tones he determined is shown on a table of the ûd with their high in pitch octaves in Kitâb al-Adwâr and al-Sharafiyyah like this (21):
Safi al-Dîn shows the tunes on the strings after the bamm by giving the names. However, he tells in his Kitâb al-Adwâr the division of an octave into 17 intervals in detail
and this manner is carried on in the works of following Adwârs and new works. (22) These 17 tones (18 with its octave) are shown depending on their distance to the starting sound like this:
These tones are shown on porte like this: