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authors of music library:

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  agha, ali (s: bobowsky, albert)
  ahmedaya, ardian
  arslan, fazli
  bey, ali (s: bobowsky, albert)
  bobovius, albertus (s: bobowsky, albert)
  behar, cem
  bobowsky, albert
  boyaci, sabo
  hanel, reinhard
  hemetek, ursula
  horowitz, joshua
  howorka, walter
  inanc, ertugrul
  karaosmanoglu, m. kemal
  kojaman, yeheskel
  loberan, isaak
  maedel, rolf
  nawratil, tommy
  okyay, erdogan
  özyildirim, murat
  raz, ueli
  schachiner, memo g.
  sedivy, dominik
  seidel, heinz- peter
  singer, peter maria
  ufki, ali (s: bobowsky, albert)
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