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"Musical Confrontations" (MC)
... is a place, where the different musical cultures and the musicological opinions confronting each others.
... is in service of the music and the musicology.
... is not connected to any national state or religious community or political party...
... is obligated to the same respect for all the religious and secular musical cultures of the world.
... is started as a private initiative by dr. memo g. schachiner.
... is developing by your interest and support.
Many thousand audiovisuel pages in the "musical confrontations" (MC) are free available.
You can here hear music, read in the music library, copy the historical documents, download the audio-, video- und date- cd-roms...
The using of "musical confrontations" is free of charge.
But for a voluntary single contribution from € 2.00 for the increasing cost of the website, "verein kulturprojekte" (association of culturel projects), responsible non-profit organisation for the "mc"- project, will be thankful to you. (support links below)
Responsible for the "musical confrontations"- project is in austria registrated non-profit organisation "Verein Kulturprojekte" (Association of Cultural Projects).
Verein kulturprojekte, A-1090 wien, Währingerstr. 59/5/1
VKP carried out since it´s founding 1994 many art and science projects succesfully.
start: 20 may 2001, up-date: 04 may 2005