The Hasret (=Yearning) Ensemble

I needed bridges between my worlds:

Between the past, the present and the future; between the east and the west, the south and the north...

Some other musicians had feel it so, too.

So we had been together...

The Hasret Ensemble understand itself as a chamber musical bridge between the previous and contemporary, as like as, between the several cultures of the music.

The Hasret Ensemble is an experiment in progress.

Memo G. Schachiner (Founder and Conductor)
Photo: Sascha Sengmüller, 1994 (left to right: Ok- In Kim (Piano); Ioan Minda (Percussion, Maragophon); Günter Schagerl (Chello); Michael Krispel (Clarinet, Saxophon), Michael Preuschl (Bass)

concerts (in progress)

the repertoire (in progress)

sound recording (in progress)

the members (in progress), guest artists (in progress), previously formations (in progress)

media reflections (in progress)


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start: 10. june 2000, up-date: 14. oktober 2000